Hello, i'm Alcides Burn and my job is to make images that you could ever imagine come true right before your eyes.


In my online portfolio, you can find my work from more than two decade as a graphic artist and art director. I have collaborate with artists and companies worldwide.


My work includes design projects for CDs, DVDs, LPs, merchandising, posters, t-shirts, brands and logos, blogs, YouTube, and other digital platforms.


Some of the collaborations I've done over the years:


LockUp (UK), Bark (Belgium), Krisiun, Funeratus, Keep of Kalessin (Norway), Blood Red Throne (Norway), Zerozonic (Norway), Acheron (USA), Beneath the Flesh (USA), Iconoclasm (Belgium), Luxúria de Lilith, Nervochaos, Clamus, Katharzian, Headhunter D.C., Torture Squad, Decomposed God, Infested Blood, Disgrace and Terror, Executer, Wizards, Abarch, Hate by Hate, Cangaço, Cruor, Heavenless, Warcursed, Deformity B.R., Eternal Darkness DCLXVI, Firetomb, Krueguer, Malefactor, Methodic, Pandemmy, Queiron, Rexor, Roberto Torao, Sanctifier, Silent Moon, Subinfected, Unborn, Anubis.


Labels and production companies: Abril Pro Rock, Hellcifest, Tumba Productions, Open the Road, Rising Records, Xaninho Discos Falidos, Dying Music, Blasphemy Productions, Blackout Discos, Revista Rock Meeting, Gallery Productions.

Photo by Marco Antonio

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